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About us

‘Workpro Chair’ grew from occasional small conversations we had about ergonomic office chairs. We are not surprised everyone has different experiences and different opinions. Our heated talks about best ergonomic office chairs lead us research the market and share timely information to address the ever increasing complexity in the market with our reviews and opinions.

Most of us had our first ‘office chair’ bought from our parents for our room. Now small hours at the desk became large hours sitting and study time at the desk became work time at the desk, sitting. Have you ever heard that sitting is as harmful as smoking. But what can you do, in these days and time sitting at the desk and working at the computer is what we do right?

That’s when our small talks became an important concern and that’s when started to taking shape in our mind. To be honest, the label ‘best ergonomic office chair’ is a relative term. Few of us have time, opportunity and resources to test every ergonomic office chair on the market(even fewer would want to) in order to pick the right model, but it’s very frustrating when the one you buy it’s just not right for the job. Every chair could make you feel comfortable if you the right person for that chair, but each one works in a different way, under different conditions to achieve different task when sitting at the desk working at the computer or else.

Here we share our personal experiences and hones reviews to help you sense what is like to work at the desk sitting on a particular ergonomic office chair before you actually purchase one. We took this to heart so much (we recognized to be the major priority of SUCCESS to be sit comfortably and ergonomically to maintain a body’s health excellent) that we build more as an eCommerce than a review site. When in reality all purchases will be redirected to and dealt with Amazon Inc.. Out of all our research till this day is still the best retailer store to find very cheap prices in the ergonomic office chair niche.

Our team’s experiences and opinions act as a limitus test for first time ergonomic office chair buyers  and for those who want to upgrade their working station situation and feel better with their body and still be able to work comfortably for hours and hours. As a bonus we suggest resources and guides to help you achieve your desired working and sitting at the desk experience, and guide you with maintenance of you ergonomic office chair just as well.

The funniest story about us is on our domain name. The whole team here really felt like the best ergonomic office chair was the ‘workpro chair’ for themselves. Funny enough Workpro was also the new seating private brand launched by OfficeMax somwhere around 2013 (here read more about it). The funnies moment was then when one of our designer here checked for the same domain just out of childish curiosity, everybody knew it was going to be unavailable as domain name, but surprisingly enough the domain was in fact available (The course of destiny knows no limit). Hey just so you know I’m now sitting at a workpro chair which my body finds  the best ergonomic chair(right on this one).

We offer:

  1. Unbiased ergonomic office chair reviews that out purely based on our personal research and experiences along with user reviews who our passionate about sharing their experience.
  2. We do not sell ergonomic office chair nor are we in any way related to any ergonomic office chair company.
  3. Our team wish to help you identify the most significant factors that should influence your decisions when buying the best ergonomic office chair.
  4. Our aim is to create a one stop destination to help you choose the right shaver and guide you to get the best price in the market.

Hope you’ll find the your right ergonomic office chair with us!

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