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If you have an office job and you’re working somewhere between 12/19 hours a day or even less than that  you may find this article interesting.

Back hurts from sitting at work, how to relieve the pain at the office!?

No need to say it is quite a challenging subject there’s way to relieve it and there’s certain ways to manage what is going on but its really hard to relieve the pain.

In terms of management the tricks that tend to work are trying to get up as frequently as you can also trying to find sometime to walk around the office purposely walking around the office.

In terms of relieving the back pain there’s a little trick. You’re going really to look for stretching techniques and hopefully you’ll either figure something out on your own or you manage to go to a physical therapy where they taught you some of these exercises or stretches specifically when you’re back hurts from sitting at the office.

The key is to stretch your back out frequently during the day. It’ss not going to be a morning opening  but rather few times during the day (every hour is recommended), and that’ll help you reduce the pressure on your back associated with the sitting  and the amount of sitting that you’re doing during the course of the day.

Naturally weather you’re trying to manage or relieve one of the tips is going to be to try to maintain you’re neutral spine or neutral posture.

The spine is meant to be a S-Shape the lower back being what’s called Lordosis, your mid-back being in the Kyphosis and then back to  a lordosis for the cervical spine.

So trying to promote that S-Shape is the Key either using  you muscle actively or trying to get your hands on a lumbar roll to place in your lower back that will help promote the posture of your lower back.

So combination of stretching getting up frequently during the day and trying to maintain proper posture habits.

When you hurting minutes can feel like hour

1.confrey compress

2.devil’s claw

  1. always be square to your work be square to what you working on dont turn and hold that position 20 minutes passed and your body will start getting angry at you. twisting and leaning is great you dont want to be like this all day(phto of leaning) you wanna be square to what you working on ideally.
  2. telephone. use headset i still see people like this all the time(phot of phoning incorrectly) you can get a headset for like 10 buck. at the very least  get a headset use headset if you’re on the telephone
  3. computer. if you’re working on a computer monitors obviouslt two monitors is better than one you can be more productive with two monitors but even if you’re using only one monitors you wanna position the monitor so its at the right height. monitor height is really important if your monitor does not adjust as mind do not adjust in hight but a stack of books underneath or some type of monitor stand to lift it up also the distance of your monitor is also important you can see my monitors are pretty far away you don’t want your screen to be up in your face like this(monitor too close PHOTO) that’s bad for your eyes so how far your monitor is from your face is another factor that often times people don’t think about too cought up on what they doing in.  the tilt of your monitor you know if you’re a chair adeally you wanna have a djustable chair but if your chair is not adjustable you know play with th etitle of your screen to get it to whaere is just right for you and you think about your head position. you shouldnt be looking down for instance if i was working at a lapotop i would  be looking down is goin to pull up a lot of strain on the neck and the opposit is also true if i had this chair adjusted too low and the monitor is up high I’m now looking up  and i0ve got tightness on in th back of the neck so the angle of your screen is also important so that lead us to the more adjustable the chair is the better.
  4. keyboard. very important. if you’re working on a sesktop at a computer like this you wanna the keyboard  position so your arms are fairlu leveled so that’s gona have to do with the height of your desk and the height of your chair you should now again like this(phot with lower arm upper desk)  with the arm up that’s gonna pur strain on wrist you know people have curpel tunnel well that’s part of the reason. muscle imbalance created by improper position of poor position so adjust your chair high  so your arms  relatively leveled
  5. mouse. mouse cause a lot of pain i know your right sholder always irritate from spending alot of time on the mouse. what yu dont wanna do is to have the mouse all the way forward (mouse forward picture) you wnan mocve it back ideally so your arm is just as your other arm will be as far back as you can keep it to keep that elbow and shoulder back and that hand back
  6. monitors. when you look at monitors but one thing in general for more that 20/30 minute you wanna take a break ideally most people30/60min and you need a phisical and mental break so get up stretch go to the bathrooom get some water and so on but who relaly need to take abreak are your eyes from looking at the computer screen. eye esrcise woulg be eyes position focus . change it when your eses are getting tired from llokin a what s close go look a t something far  far wasy and then look abck at the screeen then look at a medium distane and close again.
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