Katzco Bed Risers – Adjustable Heavy Duty – 8 Piece Set – 3, 5 or 8 Inches Tall with Multi Height Function – for Any Bed…

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Katzco – Heavy Duty Tall Multi Height Adjustable,

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Katzco – Heavy Duty Tall Multi Height Adjustable,

For Your, Bed, / Furniture, / Table, Risers Set,

8 Piece Set Bed -Table Lifts

Adjustable To •8″, • 5″, • 3″, • Inches Heights.

Product Description

Does your bed and/or furniture sit too close to the floor? Maybe you want to make more efficient use of space.

Well look no further than Katzco’s Bed and furniture riser set.

Coming in 8 pieces and 3 adjustable heights,

Katzco’s risers are versatile and innovative to make your life more convenient.

Boost your bed and furniture up either – 8, – 5, or – 3 inches high.

Added height of furniture creates more space underneath for creating more storage space for you and so you can get in and out of bed with ease.

Risers are also great for adjusting bed heights for people with!

• Digestive problems,

• Breathing problems

• Acid reflux

• And for more comfort.

Great for Small Bedrooms, Dorm Rooms or wherever space is at a premium.

It Won’t scratch or dent hardwood floors.

Each riser has a built-in recessed cup to hold bed legs or casters securely for no slip.

May be conveniently used on virtually any type of bed.

Get quality now with Katzco.
HIGH QUALITY- Katzco heavy duty bed and furniture risers are made of a high quality strong plastic construction. Add more height to your bed or furniture without worry of the risers breaking with this heavy duty product.
DURABLE- The Heavy duty material of this product ensure long life of use and maximum durability. Durably strong plastic won’t give out under the weight. Sturdy plastic supports up to 1,200 pounds. Won’t scratch or dent hardwood floors.
ADJUSTABLE – Bed/furniture risers are adjustable. Customize the height of your bed or furniture with 3 convenient sizes – 3 ,5 or 8 inches by inserting your bedposts or casters into these bed risers. It works with a maximum bedpost diameter of 2.75 inches.
EASY TO USE- bed and furniture risers are super easy to use. Simply place risers in bed or furniture area and insert the bedposts to place on top the recessed walls of the risers. Recessed walls ensure safety and that our bed or furniture do not slip and fall.
CONVENIENT- Katzco Bed risers make for more convenience. Added height helps you get in and out of bed more easily, and it provides extra storage space under your bed. Make more efficient use of space.