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casa pura® PU Leather Anti-Fatigue Mat

From the company that brings you the best-selling Office Marshal® chair mats, we are dedicated to providing vigorously tested, premium products for your home and office at affordable prices.

Say goodbye to tired joints or muscle pain from standing with the new casa pura® set of premium quality anti fatigue mats. The ultimate in standing comfort, these pads have been ergonomically engineered to reduce the pressure to joints caused by standing for long periods of time.

UNIQUE SINGLE MEMORY FOAM LAYER: Comprised of a single polyurethane gel foam inner layer, the mat structure cradles and supports the feet to reduce stress placed on pressure points in the ankles and knees. The single foam layer stays intact for years to come, unlike most padding made up of several layers fused together.

SUBTLE BUOYANCY: Standing on hard floors can cause poor circulation which leads to muscle fatigue; the buoyancy of this protective mat encourages subtle contraction of the lower and upper leg muscles, alleviating fatigue and pain over prolonged periods of time.

BACK & PELVIS RELIEF: By reducing the pressure caused to the lower joints and muscles, this will in turn relieve pressure from the pelvis and lumbar spinal region which work hard to support your body; therefore significantly reducing the risk of lower back pain from standing.

KNEE SUPPORT: These safety mats will also work well to reduce pain from kneeling, supporting the patellar region in a similar way to the foot joints.

Features at a glance:

– Material: 100% Urethane, imitation leather
– Thickness: 0.75″
– Weight: 3lbs
– Stain Resistant
– Waterproof
– Non-slip, excellent grip
– Beveled edge to prevent curling
– Free from harmful chemicals, non-toxic, odor free.

Our range also includes other designs, please have a look at our Amazon store for more options.

COMFORT: 3/4 inch polyurethane gel foam cradles and supports the feet to alleviate stress to pressure points in the feet, ankles and knees; alleviating lower leg muscle fatigue and lowering pressure on the joints, pelvis and lumbar spine. Quick rebound memory foam for long-lasting support.
DURABLE: Strong upper, RESISTANT TO HIGH HEELS AND OTHER SHARPS. Will not break down over time or become over compressed like most memory foam products. Weight capacity: 460 lb
VERSATILE: High performance anti-fatigue mat, suitable for all floor types; including laminate, marble, tiles, hardwood and carpet (non-staining). Perfect for both home and commercial use. 100% RECYCLABLE
ANTI-SLIP BACKING AND SURFACE: Beveled edge enhances safety and prevents curling up at the ends, strong non-slip backing stays put on all floor types. The slip-resistant padding is designed to be comfortable and soft yet provide excellent grip even when wet.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: At Casa Pura we strive to provide premium products at an affordable price. From the company that brings you the best-selling Office Marshal chair mats, our new range of anti-fatigue mats have been tested and approved to high performance standards without the heavy price tag. REACH compliant – 100% free from VOCs for a healthy indoor environment, no off gassing or odor.