Ergodriven Spark Children’s Standing Desk | Cardboard Sit Stand Converter – Desktop Riser – Standing Desk for Kids Price: $59.00 (as of 09/04/2023 08:03 PST- Details)

The Best Standing Desk Is The One You Start Using The Soonest

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The Best Standing Desk Is The One You Start Using The Soonest

Sitting is a really bad position. In addition to pain, stiffness, and fatigue, the sedentary nature of sitting reduces blood flow substantially, likely increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Standing is a fantastic first step to address this, but it’s difficult to get started unless you’re willing to work at a shaky pile of books and boxes or open your wallet for a big expense.

That’s where Spark comes in. It’s the perfect “start standing now” standing desk.

The two-level design provides separate support surfaces for your keyboard/mouse and screen. That means your back, shoulders, wrists, and neck can all be in healthy positions at the same time.

The incredibly clever origami-style design results in an unbelievably robust standing desk. Spark can easily support even heavy all-in-one computers, and never wobbles or shakes during use.

Custom-color-finished, double-wall corrugated cardboard is the perfect material for the perfect “start standing now” desk. It ships flat, reducing carbon footprint and cost. The assembly process is fun, fast, and easy. And when you’re done, you have an ergonomic, attractive, and stable standing desk at a shockingly low price.

With a standing desk like Spark, we’ve removed all excuses not to try standing. Isn’t it time you tried standing at work?
Feel better! Standing is a healthier position than sitting, and allows for more movement.
Spark is the perfect way to try standing. It’s ergonomic, robust (no typing wobble) and looks great.
Ergonomic two-level design works great with a laptop, monitor, or all-in-one PC like iMac up to 27″.
Choose your size by your height: | Under 5’4″ = Small | 5’4″-5’11” = Medium | Over 5’11” = Large |
Easily get healthier while you work! Spark is the best health and fitness investment you can make.



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